Which companies are the biggest fans of their new devices?

It’s a debate that has raged in the IT industry for years, but in a new survey from KBR industrial plumbing services shows which companies are fans of the new gadgets they’re using.

The results were released Tuesday by the IT consulting firm, which also surveyed the business owners of more than 700 companies that use IT products, and found that 75% of business owners are in favor of using their devices for a variety of tasks, including remote maintenance, customer service, and even monitoring systems.KBR industrial services found that 80% of IT professionals and business owners use their devices to manage their systems and workflows.

The survey also found that more than half of respondents said that their devices were “always on,” and that 70% of them had more than a handful of devices connected to their computers.

Kbr industrial plumbing service also found the majority of business owner said that they use their products to monitor and manage systems remotely, while nearly one in four said they use them for their home and office.

The company also found more than two-thirds of business operators said that the apps they use to monitor their systems are free, while a smaller portion of respondents use them at least occasionally for extra features.

Business owners are using apps for many different things, including home and work, while those who use the devices are mainly looking for additional capabilities.

“The most common feature they were looking for was remote workflows, so they were using the apps to manage the home and the workflows,” said Kristina M. Stilson, a partner at KBR, in a phone interview with Newsweek.

“But they also said they wanted the ability to access their systems remotely or even to take screenshots.”

Stilson said that while a lot of businesses that use their gadgets will not see huge revenue growth from the devices, they will likely benefit from the fact that there are more devices connected.

“Businesses that are using the devices will likely have more devices on their desktops, which will help them get work done, but also increase their ability to monitor systems remotely,” she said.

“They’ll also be able to keep track of their systems more easily.”

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