The Lad is a fast food chain that sells burgers, fries, tacos and hot dogs

In the late 1990s, Lad Foods started a franchise chain with a new menu that had some of the same ingredients as the other chains.

The new menu included burgers, french fries, chicken and steak tacos, hot dogs and hamburgers.

But Lad’s new menu had a different taste.

It was not what the restaurant industry was used to.

The company had been founded in 1983 by two former managers of a hamburger shop in Philadelphia.

It became known for its burgers and fries, which were so delicious that many customers said they couldn’t wait to order another meal.

But in 1998, Lad was forced to close its restaurant because of a labor dispute with its employees.

It had hired many new employees, including a group of fast food workers, who were making more money than ever.

It became the largest fast food company in the country.

It eventually hired hundreds of new workers and closed the franchise.

The Lad Burger chain started with four locations in the Philadelphia area, then expanded to 12 locations in Florida and other states.

Lad closed all its stores in 2000, but in 2006, it reopened its doors with the new name, The Lad Burger Company.

It now sells burgers in 22 states and has more than 2,400 restaurants.

The franchisee was not the only one struggling with labor issues.

In 2005, the nation’s largest union of janitors, the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1999, voted to strike.

That resulted in layoffs and the loss of millions of dollars in franchise fees.

Many restaurants, like Lad, have closed their doors to make way for Burger King chains.

Burger King, which opened its first store in Philadelphia in 1993, has since expanded to about 1,000 locations.

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