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What do you want to be when you grow up? The Answer is ‘Internet Explorer’

A new report from the Center for American Progress and the Brookings Institution suggests that there’s a growing recognition that Internet Explorer has been a failure.

It’s a browser that’s been widely used for years by businesses that don’t have the resources to develop their own, and it’s also one that’s not widely available outside of a handful of large tech companies.

So the report says, it’s time to change.

The report, which lays out a new strategy for how to address Internet Explorer’s problems, says that Microsoft should begin by building a new version of the browser that can compete with Google’s Chrome OS, which is available in more than 150 countries, including countries where it has a strong presence.

The new version would be called Chrome OS.

Microsoft has already done that with its Windows operating system.

But in recent months, Microsoft has made major changes to Chrome OS to address what the report calls “potential browser failures.”

It began by rolling out a browser update to fix bugs in Chrome OS that could lead to the browser becoming too slow.

But that browser update also includes an update to make it so that older browsers like Internet Explorer are now automatically upgraded to work with Chrome OS and so that the browser itself doesn’t need to be upgraded at all.

As a result, the new Chrome OS update can be installed and installed quickly.

And this is important, because it means that people will continue to upgrade their browsers, regardless of what they’re using them for.

The report says that in a few years, that could mean that a large number of people who were using Internet Explorer for business won’t need Internet Explorer anymore.

The new version will also allow users to create their own browser, as well as a new way to use the browser with third-party software.

The companies that have already released a new browser for the new version, like Mozilla, are also pushing for a new Chrome version.

But these are not major upgrades.

Microsoft has already rolled out its own version of Internet Explorer.

This is one of the key points of contention.

The major problem is that a lot of businesses don’t know how to get the latest versions of their software up to speed, because they have to use Windows as a way to install their own versions.

This means that if a business uses a browser with a known slow problem, it will be slower than the one with a similar problem.

And that means that a user that is using a browser like Internet Firefox will be using a slow browser.

In addition, the report points out that Microsoft is not doing a good job of keeping up with the browser updates it is releasing.

The company is releasing new versions of Chrome OS every three months, but that means it has to update a lot more software to keep up with these new browser updates.

And the update process is slow, because the companies that release the new browser must install it on new machines to make sure that it’s stable enough to use.

So while it will still be possible to use Internet Explorer on Windows machines, it’ll take much longer.

It also argues that a major problem with Internet Explorer is that the company has been slow to introduce updates to fix browser problems, and the report warns that this problem could get worse in the future.

That means that in the coming years, more and more people will stop using Internet Firefox because they’ll need to use Chrome OS instead.

The problem is going to get worse, because more and so many businesses will not have the tools that they need to update their websites and services to make them faster and more responsive.

The biggest problem with the report is that it focuses too much on the short-term problems that are being solved by Microsoft’s changes.

The main problem is the lack of innovation in the browser industry.

The problems we’re seeing right now are the result of a lack of focus and innovation in browser development.

If Microsoft doesn’t do something to fix these problems in the near future, the problem will get much worse.

I don’t see a lot in the report that can be done.

The most important thing that can happen right now is that businesses that are using the browser will continue using it.

But if Microsoft continues to fail to fix the problem, I’m not sure that any of the things that it is promising to do will happen.

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