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MPW marine is in the process of acquiring a marine service industry unit

MPW industrial services is the first marine service to join the growing market for private, public and hybrid fleets.

The Marine Services Group (MSSG) is the only private-sector marine fleet to receive the designation.

The MSSG is the world’s largest marine service provider, serving over 2.2 million clients globally, including 1.5 million customers in Australia.

“It’s an exciting time for marine operators,” MSSB CEO Stephen Smith said.

“Our goal is to grow this market into a new and dynamic segment for the Australian market.”

“The opportunities for marine fleet operators are wide and range, but we’ve seen great growth and support from the Australian Government.”

The MSSGs marine fleet comprises of two-thirds of the country’s fleet and is in a position to become one of the world leading private-public hybrid fleets by the end of 2019.

“We are currently in the planning stages of establishing our fleet to become the leading marine service fleet provider in the world, and are in discussions with private-private hybrid operators to establish the next generation of marine fleets,” Mr Smith said, adding the MSSs marine fleet could be operational by the middle of the next decade.

“The industry is expanding rapidly, and we’re keen to support this growth and ensure we remain competitive with other marine service providers,” he said.

The MBSG Marine Services group is expected to be incorporated into the Marine Services Holdings Corporation (MBSH), which will be the new owners of MPW and MSSW.

The new entity will then be responsible for managing the management and operations of all Marine Services activities, including operational, sales and financial operations.MPW has been operating its own fleet for more than 20 years and has over 10,000 crew members across five different fleets.MPw Marine Services currently operates a fleet of seven boats, which includes a fleet operated by its two-man team.

“We operate our own boats in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Marine Transport Act, which is the basis for the Marine Service fleet, and also with the regulations of the Marine Transport Management Organisation,” Mr Matson said.

In order to operate with a commercial fleet, MSSD must also obtain approval from the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Heritage, which provides advice and assistance to the marine service operators.”MPW is working closely with our marine operators to ensure that the business remains fully compliant with Australian Government regulations, and continues to meet our high standards of safety and operational excellence,” Mr O’Connor said.

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