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The latest in industrial generator sales

FourFourOne industrial generator service provider is closing its doors in the US, while another one is taking the plunge and going public.

FourFourTwo is a UK-based industrial generator provider that offers industrial crane services in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

It provides the crane service in the fields of construction, building and maintenance, as well as industrial generator maintenance, electrical and telecommunications.

The firm is a subsidiary of the United States-based Electric Power Research Institute, and its parent company is GE Capital Holdings.

GE Capital is the world’s biggest industrial generator operator and the world leader in the construction and maintenance of industrial generators.

Fourfourtwo’s latest closure comes just two days after the US Department of Justice announced that it would not prosecute two employees for their roles in a massive cyber attack on the electricity market in June.

The attack, known as DDoS, cost more than $US100 million.

FourFourOne said in a statement that it was “taking the unprecedented step of announcing a complete shutdown of our operations” in the USA.

“We will continue to operate our operations across the US in order to provide our customers with the service that they have come to expect from us, and are now able to enjoy the benefits of our industry-leading customer support,” it said.

The company has also been embroiled in a court battle with US authorities over a cybersecurity breach that exposed the personal information of hundreds of thousands of people.

Industrial generators are a key part of the electrical grid in many parts of the world, with the vast majority of their services being focused on electricity production.

A team of scientists is investigating whether air pollution can kill off the world’s sea otters

Science magazine (India, India) title An international team of researchers have identified the cause of the global decline in sea otter populations article Science (India and the United States) title Sea otter numbers fall in US due to pollution and habitat destruction article Science and Engineering (India & China) title China’s air pollution has killed off the sea ottering population in the eastern Himalayan region article Science & Engineering (Japan) title The sea ottery is disappearing due to air pollution, says an international team article Science, Technology & Engineering: The Arts & Sciences (India&Japan) caption Japanese researchers have found a direct link between air pollution and the decline in otter population in eastern Himalayas article Science Science, Science, and Technology (India): India&Japan caption Researchers in India and Japan have identified a causal link between pollution and sea otting decline.

They say they’ve identified a key risk factor that may contribute to this decline.

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