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How to get into Windsor-based wind power business

It’s not just the wind power industry that is looking to expand, either.

The Windsor-area Industrial Services Industry Council (ISIC), an industry group, has been lobbying for a more diversified portfolio.

The council is pushing to expand to new industries, including robotics and electric vehicles.

The goal is to bring more people into the industry.

And, in an effort to create a more competitive market, the council wants to make sure it gets more of its revenue from the industry it serves.

ISIC is also working on a new industrial services business that could include a full-service robotics company and a home health care provider.

But its focus on robotics and home health is in the forefront of the council’s efforts.

The company is developing robots to make home health clinics safer and more efficient.

The robotics company is also developing a smart home device, which could provide a secure home and mobile services.

The robotics company has hired a number of other companies to work on projects for the company.

The Council of Industrial and Technical Engineers (CITS) and the Canada Technology Council have also been involved.

The Canadian Council for Industrial Research and Technology (CCIRT) has been working on robotics projects for more than a decade.

The CITS is also looking at robotics for medical care.

And the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is also involved in robotics and other technology projects.

The government is also investing in robotics.

In fact, the government is putting in a new robot for the RCMP.

In June, the RCMP announced that it was looking at using robots for some tasks, like picking up and transporting a patient in the field.

The RCMP also recently announced it would be adding another robot to the force’s medical staff.

In a bid to compete with other industries, the ISIC wants to focus on the more important business of the industry itself.

In the meantime, ISIC and other industry groups are lobbying the government for more funding to help grow the industry, which they believe could help the industry diversify and be more competitive.

In its 2017-18 fiscal plan, the Liberal government made some investments in the industry and said that it would continue to support the industry by supporting the Canadian Automated Equipment Corporation.

The government has also been supporting a new group of robotic companies called the Canadian Advanced Manufacturing Group (CAMAG).

CAMAG was created by the federal government in the wake of the 2008-09 financial crisis, when the U.S. and the European Union announced a $2.7-billion bailout package to help Canadian companies in their recovery.

The money was to help small and medium-sized companies survive the downturn.

The group, which includes robotics companies like Rethink Robotics and Robotic Research Ltd., has been looking to hire workers and get into manufacturing since it was formed in 2009.

In September, CAMAG announced that they had been hired by two robotics companies, Rethan Robotics and S3 Robotics, to work in the manufacturing business.

The companies are seeking to hire 20 employees for a total of 100 workers.

“We’re going to be looking at how we can bring robotics and robotics-related businesses to Windsor, and also how we could use this to expand the Windsor-Essex-Newark metro area,” said Daniela Cesar, executive director of CAMAG.

Cesar said that there are a number other companies that are interested in working with CAMAG, including companies that do robotics or are currently manufacturing in Windsor.

There are also companies in the Greater Windsor Area that are looking to do robotics work.

The biggest advantage of having more companies in Windsor is that the city has more jobs, she said.

The biggest challenge for CAMAG is that, unlike other manufacturing areas, Windsor is a very rural area, so they are working to find ways to attract new businesses.

“There’s some uncertainty that comes with a lot of uncertainty.

That uncertainty can be very disruptive, so we are always working to make it work,” Cesar said.

For now, the goal is just to make things as safe as possible for the workers that are coming into the Windsor industry.

They are working with the city to try to do that by making sure that there is no violence, no theft, no unsafe working conditions.

The council hopes that this will be the beginning of the trend that will help the Windsor area become more competitive in the coming years.

The ISIC has already been working to help that.

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