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How to get the job in the industry

The first time you hear of the term ‘industrial technical services’ it’s likely you’ve heard of a bunch of things, including: – ‘pigs and chips’ – ‘digital paint’ – and the now familiar term ‘graphics’.

But what about the more mundane jobs of assembling, packaging and processing products, such as paper, paper towels and cardboard?

What do these terms mean?

And why is a ‘pig and chip’ not a ‘paper mill’?

And what about a ‘graphic designer’?

To find out more, we asked some of Australia’s leading employers to share what they thought of these terms and their jobs.1.

Paper mill: The first industrial technical serviceThis is what a paper mill is: A paper mill works by extracting and shredding the fibres from sheets of paper.

These fibres are then sold to other industries for paper.

A paper mill may work as a ‘single shop’, meaning it has two separate locations, one at each site.

This allows the factory to sell the paper directly to customers, with the bulk being used for its own purpose.2.

Paper processing: A warehouse with three floors and three shedsIn this example, the paper is processed at a paper processing facility.

Each floor has its own facility, and the shed is used to store and transport the paper for final delivery.3.

‘Digital paint’: The process of painting digital images onto paperThe ‘digital painting’ process is a process that uses a process called ‘electronic stamping’ to print digital images of objects onto paper.

The images are then digitally applied to the paper and sent to the printer for printing.4.

‘Paper towel’A ‘paper towel’ is a paper towel that has been pressed into shape by hand and stored in a dry place.

The idea behind ‘paper towels’ is that they’re used as a disposable disposable product for washing clothes, washing dishes and preparing meals.5.

‘Cardboard cutter’: The name for this processThe process of cutting out cardboard from paper, but the term also refers to the process of using a paper cutter to cut out a piece of cardboard.6.

‘Graphics’The word ‘graphing’ is used in this context to describe a process of applying colour to a digital image.

This can be done using software, Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp or similar applications.7.

‘Graphic designer’An industrial technical term used for someone with a degree in a field similar to that of a graphic designer.

It means someone who can design or designate an application or graphic design.8.

‘Solicitor’: The term used to describe someone who assists businesses with their financial affairs.

It’s the role of a solicitor to represent clients in disputes, such that disputes can be settled quickly and fairly.9.

‘Packing’The process by which items such as food or clothing are packed to be shipped overseasThe term ‘packing’ is also used in relation to shipping materials to overseas.10.

‘Clothing packaging’A label on a product such as a shoe, for example, that lists the product’s brand, size and colour.

It is used as an identifier to help people identify a product or to find a retailer.

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