How to make robots your best friend

A company that makes robots for industrial automation services is trying to reinvent the wheel.

Als Industrial Services (AIS) has raised more than $10 million to build the world’s largest robotic vacuum cleaner and the first of its kind in Australia.AIS founder, David Pritchard, says his company’s technology can be used to transform industrial processes to create a more environmentally friendly future.

“The robot industry is really starting to mature and we’re seeing it coming into the forefront,” Mr Pritchett said.

“What we are building is an environment that is going to be able to be more efficient than we are currently doing.”

The vacuum cleaner’s design is based on an old-school vacuum cleaner.

It’s got a lid and two handles, with a robotic arm that rotates it around.

“Our robot is going from a closed container to a fully-automated system,” Mr Rennie said.

It has a three-speed vacuum, which means the robot will be able operate independently in different environments.

It can also operate on the floor, with the robot turning and lifting objects in the air.

The vacuum can also be controlled remotely.

“We have a robot that is capable of being controlled remotely and it can be programmed to do certain tasks or be programmed with certain parameters that it will be capable of doing,” Mr Richard said.

The robot can also have a remote control.

Mr Renn, who is also the CEO of the industrial automation company, said he wanted to build a robot for an industrial environment that was more environmentally conscious.

“One of the challenges we’re having with industrial robots is they are very small and they require a lot of maintenance,” he said.

But the vacuum cleaner can also help with cleaning up after workers in the field.

“If we’re talking about cleaning up a hazardous situation, where you are in a large facility and there are a lot more people around, there’s a lot less time that you have to get to the hazardous area,” Mr Rich said.

Mr Pritchet’s company will use its technology to automate more than 500 different tasks, from cleaning up hazardous waste to installing safety equipment.

“These are the jobs that are going to take us to the next level,” he explained.

“In the past, if we’ve gone to a job that has been automated, we’ve lost money on that job.”

With our robotic vacuums, if you want to do the same job, we can take it to the other end of the spectrum and we can make it more efficient.

“The robots will also help in the workplace.”

They’re going to work on the side and they’ll do tasks that people can’t do on their own,” Mr Cottrell said.”[With] these robots, we’re going into a world where we can automate a lot and a lot faster.

“The company hopes to start working with other industry leaders in the next six months.

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